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Meet Kilynn Hayes

Like most people my senior year of high school, I was under a large amount of pressure to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Immediately I knew I wanted to have a major hand in the real estate industry. I went to Oklahoma State University, originally declared as an Architecture major. I soon realized that sitting at a desk and drafting was not for me. I wanted to interact with people. I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives not just by drawing out houses but by managing real estate industry processes and connecting genuine people within the industry to people who need the industries services.


So I changed my major to Management, but like all things I do, I decided to add a little bit extra. My advisor showed me the plan for getting a double major and I challenged her with putting together a plan to get two bachelors degrees, but the catch was I wanted to do it in
four years while already being two semesters behind on getting my management degree. After taking 18+ hours a semester, summer classes, and winter classes, I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelors degree in Management and a bachelors degree in Marketing in four years.


After graduating I didn't waste any time and used the money I received in gifts for graduation to pay for my Real Estate classes and starting to build my brand in the Real Estate industry. Soon into starting classes I was introduced to Amber Oputa, a broker from Texas. Unlike the other brokerages that I talked to Amber was extremely genuine and eager to help. I knew she was exactly who I wanted to start my real estate career with. The amount of care and effort she put into helping me kick start my career assured me that not only would I have this amazing support system but I would be able to offer that support system to each and every one of my clients. Armed with two bachelors degrees and the support of a genuine broker and team, I spend my days and nights offering my best services to my clients.

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